Role of User Interface (UI) in app popularity

In market we have lots of Apps available with similar idea and concept. What makes all of them different? Its UI/UX design, which make one App popular and other ordinary inspect of having same functionality.


When I search of any app on app store or Play store, it puts me indecision state. I came across many such apps which might not be having that much advanced features, but looks attractive and gaining more attention. User interface (UI) and User experience (UX) has become the center of attraction and have taken it at the front stage.

Now the attention would become the major factor for everyone, weather I talk about human or technology, everything is splashed with dual faces. UI/UX design has become an important attribute to any successful Apps.

Let’s come and discuss about what exactly the UI/UX means:

  • User experience is the method through which you can improve the satisfaction level of customer and provide pleasures to users or clients while interaction.
  • User interface is designed so that human can interact with, it consists of so many things as look and feel, overall appearance and fascinating characters.

UX/UI helps in the success of Apps and makes it user friendly and user attractive:

Before developing any App, we would prefer to first select the design and at initial stage UI/UX is the only important thing which should be done before moving further with next steps. The Best App Development Company UK follows these strategies to get more international clients and satisfy each of their client 100%. If I talk about the level of design at present time, and then it must be equal to the standard of Marvel.

Let’s see how designing is favorable for Top Most Application Development Company UK and More for Clients:

# Builds client engagement:  Your App should have that intelligent factor which takes attention of users and force them to use the application; this will help companies to grow their business.

# Mind-set for Color: Colors are the important factor which impact mostly on every customer, and help in some extent for targeting more audience and would lead you to high conversion rate.

# Updates are necessary: In some period of time user get used to the particular application and for not getting bored, it is mandatory to update the app repetitively.

# App Uninstalls should be avoided: If your App is good and it experiences the user with great interface then definitely the uninstalls will not happen. If user uninstall your App again and again, it means, the design and apps is not liked by user.

Always go for best, if you are developing an App for your business, I must suggest you to choose Best App Development Team. Attractive UX/UI helps in success of any app, so better to choose an Expert for design. I hope you understood the importance of UX/UI design in App designing and development.

At Appiqo Technologies leading best UX/UI design, App design, Logo design and mobile app development services in India, UK, UAE, Hong Kong with more than 70 countries at modest price.


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