Cicret Bracelet – Next Stage of Smart Phone Connectivity

World war in technology – day to day millions of new technologies elaborate in the world. Which is aid many peoples directly or indirectly in real life.

Technology is the help to the people for less its burden in daily life. Many scientists worked to develop new technology that is help people. The technology industry is boost year to year.

Few day ago one of the most science fiction technology evolves that is Cicret Bracelet. The cicret bracelet is new thing generate by Pascal Pommier and Guillaume Pommier and Cicret Bracelet team and announced at a 10th birth anniversary of wearable technology.


Wearable technology first time found since 2004, and many wearable technologies exists in the market like Apple watch, Android wear etc. Wearable device helpfully for those people be free for a hand.

How to work Cicret Bracelet?

Cicret Bracelet is hand band that turns your arms. Pico projector projects the interface on your arms. Its 8-inch long-range proximity sensor that is shown your mobile screen on your arms. The sensor sends the information back to the processor which is in your cicret bracelet. Cicret Bracelet has Wi-Fi, small USB, and Bluetooth connectivity. The Best Mobile App Development Company UAE follows these strategies to get more international clients and satisfy each of their client 100%.

Cicret Bracelet allow to users when they are driving a motorcycle at that time notification comes to mobile then they check mobile notification by the  Cicret Bracelet.


Cicret Bracelet allows to a user when they are in Bathing, because of its water-resistant wearable device.


What is Pico Projector?

Pico Projector is a small Hardware device that is designed for mobile phone, tablets and many small devices, that operate project onto a flat surface. Its hand held device or pocket device.

Many components that make perfect of Cicret Bracelet.

Cicret Bracelet –Components:


 Features of Cicret Bracelet:
•    Works on every Skin Colours:
•    Android OS
•    Support iPhone and Android
•    Phone Screen Mirroring
•    Removable Battery
•    Water Resistant

Wearable Technology provides functionality to the user free of a handheld. Its most efficient device, we can use this device anywhere on our arms. Cicret Bracelet has many functionalities that are making you brilliant. You can access everything on your arms. Its make touch screen of your arms. You can read mails, play games, pic call, on your arms. Always go for best, if you are developing an App for your business, I must suggest you to choose Best App Development Team UAE .


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